Paul Nelson


Dr. Paul Nelson

President of Grace Bible University

Paul S. Nelson received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Arizona State University in 1982. He has authored numerous scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and is the inventor of eight US patents. He is founder and President of Nelson Biotechnologies, a small biotech company located in Flagstaff, AZ. In 2003, after Dr. Nelson fulfilled requirements for a Master of Theology, he was ordained to the gospel ministry by Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Silicon Valley where he served 20 years as co-pastor. He lectured at the Pacific Institute for Religious Studies in Apologetics, and has written two books entitled, “The Song of the Suffering Servant” and “Presuppositionalism: A Biblical Approach to Apologetics.” Currently, Paul is the president of Grace Bible University and involved in numerous missionary efforts with FirstLove Ministries. He has been married for over 45 years, the father of three children, and grandfather of five.

Mission Trips

Mission Trip to Nepal – December 2023

Our missionary trip to Nepal in early December was truly blessed of God and bore much needed fruit. We arrived in the city of Chitwan on Friday (Dec. 1) and checked into the Rhino Hotel where wild rhinoceroses and elephants daily visited the premises. On Saturday we were dispatched to preach at various local churches […]
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Examining the New Birth – 2023 Conference Report

This year’s conference addressed the doctrine of regeneration, commonly referred to as "The New Birth.” Biblical Christians for millennia have asked of their families, friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers the all searching question, “are you Born Again?” In our day, though the phrase, “born again Christian” has become common place, and not given a second thought. We fear that this phraseology, or the doctrine of regeneration, has been absentmindedly set aside so that it doesn’t have the weight and meaning it once did....
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2022 Nepal Mission Report

The 7th Reformed Baptist Minister’s Conference was held on November 14-17 in Pokhara, Nepal. The conference was attended by 200 pastors, most were from various regions of Nepal, but some came from neighboring countries such as India and Bhutan. Many came from long distances on bad roads and buses; one pastor had indicated that he […]
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Reformed Baptist Minister’s Conference – Pokhara, Nepal

On November 14-17, the Reformed Baptist Minister’s Conference 2022 will be held in Pokhara, Nepal. Paul Nelson, Edward Dalcour, and John Waldrip will be traveling to Nepal and speaking at the conference. FirstLove is sponsoring the printing of two books, Holiness (J. C. Ryle) and Body of Divinity (Thomas Watson). These books have been translated […]
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2018 April Missions Report

Arduous, physically depleting, and time intensive most accurate describe this latest particular mission trip to the Philippines – at least from a physical lens. From a spiritual lens, however, we would have to say that it was also one of the most rewarding, most spiritually edifying, and most encouraging mission trips to date. The opportunities […]
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Luzon, Philippines in April!

FirstLove Missions is returning to the Philippine Islands:April 14th- 24th FLM Will be hosting 4 major Pastor’s conferences on the Island of Luzon: (2) in the Metro Manila area, April 16th  & 17th; (1) in Baguio City, April 19th; & (1) in Bontoc. April 21st. Dr. Edward Dalcour  Pastor Joe Jacowitz Dr. Paul Nelson Elder […]
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