The Person & Work of The Holy Spirit – 2024 Conference Report

This past February 23-25, 2023, many of the friends and partners of FirstLove Ministries who gathered last year at the Inaugural FirstLove Bible Conference, hosted by FBC Bagdad, came together again for the 2nd Annual FirstLove Bible Conference, with the theme: The Person & Work of The Holy Spirit. The conference covered the various theological and practical aspects of the of the Holy Spirit’s person-hood and His particular work. Topics provided answers to questions such as: Who is the Holy Spirit? How does He function in the life of a Christian, and within the life of Christ’s church? The panel also gave messages addressing the Trinity, sanctification by the power of the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit’s grace in pastoral ministry, missions, and church planting, Spirit-filled unction in Gospel witnessing, and other topics about the Holy Spirit’s role in the church.


There is no greater gift of God than the gift of God Himself. The Father sent His Son to redeem sinners, and together, they have sent the Spirit to abide in the redeemed. The Holy Spirit, the gift and deposit of God Himself, is the Agent of our salvation, the Effect or of our sanctification, the Seal for our preservation, and the Guarantor of our glorification. His person and His work are indispensable.

Tragically, concerning this One who guides us into all truth, there is great misunderstanding.
Around this One who unifies the Church, there is much disunity.
With regard to this One who gives power and unction, there is both misrepresentation and quenching.
The Church of God desperately needs a biblical understanding of the Spirit of God, lest we continue to grieve Him and live without His power.Around this One who unifies the Church, there is much disunity.

Scenes From The Conference

(A full slideshow is available at the bottom of this article)

The Person & Work of The Holy Spirit

Conference Sermons

Main Session 1 The Person of The Holy Spirit – Dr. Edward Dalcour
Main Session 2 The Work of The Holy Spirit in Baptism, Filling, & Sealing – Dr. Paul Nelson
Main Session 3 Mortification of Sin (Sanctification by The Holy Spirit) – Pastor Joe Jacowitz
Main Session 4 Vivification by the Holy Spirit (Graces) Fruit of the Spirit – Pastor Murungi Igweta
Main Session 5 The Empowering of the Holy Spirit – Pastor Austin Huggins

Breakout Sessions

The Holy Spirit’s Relation to the Scriptures
– Pastor Joshua Wallnofer
The Holy Spirit and Missions – Dr. John Waldrip
The Holy Spirit and Church Planting
– Dr. Samuel Rai
Resisting the Holy Spirit – Pastor Tom Smith
The Holy Spirit and the Pastoral Ministry
– Pastor Murungi Igweta
The Gifts of the Spirit – Pastor Stephen Louis

Question & Answer Panels

Q&A Panel Discussion: Session 1

Q&A Panel Discussion: Session 2

Moderated Discussion Panels

Foreign Leader Discussion Panel

Firstlove Update Discussion Panel

Conference Photos Slideshow

Our Thanks and Appreciation!

As always, thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s 2nd Annual FirstLove Bible Conference in Bagdad! Special thanks goes out to our friends and partners in the ministry for this year’s conference. Thank you to the elders and members of FBC Bagdad for graciously hosting our conference venue again, and functioning as the official headquarters of FirstLove Ministries. Thank you to our long time friends and fellow-laborers at Chapel Library of Mt.Zion Bible Church in Pensacola for providing important literature to each of the attendees. Thank you again to Martyn Lloyd Jones Sermon trust for their continued contribution of resources to each attendee as well. Lastly, thank you to Striving For Eternity and Iron Sharpens Iron Radio, for conducting our per-conference interviews, and Deed and Truth Podcast for our in house interviews during the conference. We look forward to seeing you next year, Lord willing.

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