Austin Huggins


Austin Huggins

Pastor - Christ Evangel

After some time in the US Navy as a Sonar Technician aboard Submarines, Austin moved to Panama City to be near his ailing mother as she fought a losing battle with lung cancer. Her loss was one of several during a brief period where this young man was faced with his own weaknesses and hopelessness. During this period of great breaking, The Lord Jesus Christ transformed a prideful and perverse drunkard into a humble witness of the cross. Today by God's redeeming grace, Austin labors as a preacher, a missionary, and the pastor of Christ Evangel Christian Fellowship.

Mission Trips

2023 Mid-Year Full Mission Report

NOTE: Due to the high detail density of the mid-year mission events, and the singular perspective provided by Austin Huggins, the following report reads as a personal journal entry style report. By The Lord’s miraculous and unexpected financial provision through an unknown saint, I was able to board the plane, Wednesday afternoon, for what was …

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Examining the New Birth – 2023 Conference Report

This year’s conference addressed the doctrine of regeneration, commonly referred to as "The New Birth.” Biblical Christians for millennia have asked of their families, friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers the all searching question, “are you Born Again?” In our day, though the phrase, “born again Christian” has become common place, and not given a second thought. We fear that this phraseology, or the doctrine of regeneration, has been absentmindedly set aside so that it doesn’t have the weight and meaning it once did....
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2022 Nigeria Mission Report

Expecting Danger, Beholding Grace FirstLove Missions Report, November 2022, Nigeria Mission to Lagos Austin Huggins and Tom Smith had the privilege of ministering at Sovereign Grace Bible Church in Lagos, Nigeria November 3-7, 2022.  The focus of the ministry was the 2022 Lagos Bible Conference, Radio Outreach, and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Sovereign Grace Bible …

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2021 Nigeria Mission Report

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. – Galations 6:9 Despite massively difficult travel restrictions, struggling to make visa deadlines, and almost not making it into Nigeria at all, the FirstLove Missions team was able to reconnect with our Nigerian brethren …

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Nigeria Mission Report 2019

Before leaving the Washington, DC area for Nigeria, Pastor Tom and Pastor Austin were already celebrating several evident victories that The Lord had secured for the upcoming mission. As many of our readers know, Pastor Joe Jacowitz had just recently entered remission from AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), and was beginning a hopeful road to recovery, …

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2018 Field Update #2

2018 Nigeria Field Report #2 November 4-6 Sunday-Tuesday Sunday’s group photo of SGBC, Lagos, with Pastor Joe and Pastor Austin. On the first Lord’s Day of the mission we celebrated the 16th Anniversary of Sovereign Grace Bible Church, Lagos. Pastor Joe gave the message on “Enduring in Ministry”. It was well received as the brethren …

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