Tom Smith


Thomas Smith

Vice President, Director of Missions

Tom Smith was raised in New Jersey and came to Christ as a teenager in 1972 through a youth ministry at a church his family attended. He came to understand the Doctrines of Grace through studying God’s word and sermons by Pastor Al
Martin. Tom has several years’ experience as a pastor. He is currently a member of Covenant Reformed Baptist Church in Warrenton, Virginia. He and his wife Margaret have four children and six grandchildren. Tom currently serves as Vice President, Director of Missions for FirstLove Ministries. His gifts are in teaching, counseling and administration.

Mission Trips

The Person & Work of The Holy Spirit – 2024 Conference Report

This past February 23-25, 2023, many of the friends and partners of FirstLove Ministries who gathered last year at the Inaugural FirstLove Bible Conference, hosted by FBC Bagdad, came together again for the 2nd Annual FirstLove Bible Conference, with the theme: The Person & Work of The Holy Spirit.
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2023 November Mission & Conference Report

God has been gracious to us as we traveled and ministered alongside the leadership and members of Sovereign Grace Bible Church (SGBC) in Lagos, Nigeria this past week.  The FirstLove team Joe Jacowitz, Austin Huggins, and Tom Smith arrived safely in Lagos on Tuesday morning, Oct 31.  We were picked up by the brothers of the church and […]
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Examining the New Birth – 2023 Conference Report

This year’s conference addressed the doctrine of regeneration, commonly referred to as "The New Birth.” Biblical Christians for millennia have asked of their families, friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers the all searching question, “are you Born Again?” In our day, though the phrase, “born again Christian” has become common place, and not given a second thought. We fear that this phraseology, or the doctrine of regeneration, has been absentmindedly set aside so that it doesn’t have the weight and meaning it once did....
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2022 Nigeria Mission Report

Austin Huggins and Tom Smith had the privilege of ministering at Sovereign Grace Bible Church in Lagos, Nigeria November 3-7, 2022.  The focus of the ministry was the 2022 Lagos Bible Conference, Radio Outreach, and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Sovereign Grace Bible Church.  On October 27, 2022, the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria issued […]
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Nigeria Mission Report 2019

Before leaving the Washington, DC area for Nigeria, Pastor Tom and Pastor Austin were already celebrating several evident victories that The Lord had secured for the upcoming mission. As many of our readers know, Pastor Joe Jacowitz had just recently entered remission from AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), and was beginning a hopeful road to recovery, […]
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2018 April Missions Report

Arduous, physically depleting, and time intensive most accurate describe this latest particular mission trip to the Philippines – at least from a physical lens. From a spiritual lens, however, we would have to say that it was also one of the most rewarding, most spiritually edifying, and most encouraging mission trips to date. The opportunities […]
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