Nairobi, Kenya in February!

February 4rd-11th, 2019

FirstLove Missions will be departing the U.S. on, or before, Monday February 4th and should be arriving in Nairobi, Kenya on the 5th. FirstLove will be breaking ground into this new country we have not yet been. Pastor Murungi Ingweta of Trinity Baptist Church is excited to host the FirstLove Missions team and hopes that the kind of work that FLM does will be of great benefit and value to brethren and the churches of the nation of Kenya.
FLM’s mission this year will be to establish strong relations with the brethren of Trinity Baptist Church, host a large pastor’s conference, distribute literature, and multiple days of missionary radio ministry.

​Grace & Truth Conference 2019
One True Gospel

​​”Kenya is a country full of Charismatic churches and we all know pastors and relatives who are not just caught up in this heresy, but are aggressively propagating it, sometimes sincerely not knowing that it is heretical. As a result many Christians are tired of the demands of health and wealth preachers. They are tired of ‘planting seed’ that never germinates, and waiting on blessings that never come; they have bought enough of anointing oil that does not anoint! They have discovered that the brooms that they bought to sweep away their troubles swept in more troubles. Deliverance classes have left them steeped further into generational curses.
Clearly this is not the biblical faith. It is fake Christianity that church-preneurs are capitalizing on to rob unsuspecting, naïve Christians. Someone needs to expose them for whom they are – wolfs in sheepskin! Expose by media houses is not enough. A Biblical voice need to be louder and we trust the Lord to use us as the trumpet to stop this madness.
We have lots of resources that can be made available to rescue them from this danger. We may need to use even mass evangelism to tell them that they are in burning house and that they need to flee for their lives. G&T Conference is a conference not so much for the convinced reformed or reforming saints but for the wider Christian circles. It aims at making huge amounts of resources – books and audio/visual materials available for free. We shall also have radio programs on Truth FM and Biblia Husema Broadcasting from January to February leading up to the conference.
The brethren with whom we are working have been to many countries with the message of the gospel and biblical faith in such countries like Nepal, the Philippines, Nigeria among others.”

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