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Tulip Trap (Digital)



The TULIP Trap

By Daniel Shanks

The five points of Calvinism, of which TULIP is the popular acronym, I hold dear. My sentiments are those of C.H. Spurgeon: “I love to proclaim those strong old doctrines nicknamed Calvinism, which are surely and verily the revealed truth of God as it is in Christ Jesus.” the following article deals with areas of practical concern in churches where God’s sovereignty is clearly taught.

There are pitfalls we can easily topple into, when our eyes are fixed on that which God must do, instead of that which we should do. Our own reasoning and assumptions will always lead into error. We can escape these snares only by heeding the Word of God. When we mingle the doctrine of the sovereignty of God with logical deductions, it lands us in strange situations, and often leaves us with a butchered Bible. May the Lord deliver us from small-mindedness, and foolish attempts at squeezing divine truths into a box no bigger than a man.


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