Luzon, Philippines in April!

FirstLove Missions is returning to the Philippine Islands:
April 14th- 24th

FLM Will be hosting 4 major Pastor’s conferences on the Island of Luzon: (2) in the Metro Manila area, April 16th  & 17th; (1) in Baguio City, April 19th; & (1) in Bontoc. April 21st.

  • Dr. Edward Dalcour 
  • Pastor Joe Jacowitz
  • Dr. Paul Nelson
  • Elder Tom Smith
  • Pastor Austin Huggins
  • Pastor Fred Sykes
  • Bro. Stephen Louis 

All attendees will receive FirstLove Publications books and literature free of charge.

FirstLove Missions (FLM) will be continuing its ministry to the people of the Philippines. FLM has historically ministered to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines by providing:

  • Biblical literature
  • Pastors’ conferences and seminars
  • Church conferences and seminars
  • Radio teaching
  • Training for children

This Mission, we will be pushing farther inland to the North of Manila as we hold several major pastor’s conferences, equip the local indigineous church leadership, and provide vast amounts of Biblically sound literature to each minister, for free. After holding two conferences in the metro Manila area, we will be pushing into the northern areas where we have not yet been before. Ground travel will be on the measure of about 6 to 8 hours and we will be holding another 2 conferences in Bontoc and Baguio City. Please remember the team members, the pastors to whom we are ministering, their churches, the conference attendees, and the many who will be receiving free literature. We pray to be a blessing to many souls. Pray for The Lord’s favor, His mercy, His grace, and the power of the Holy Spirit to convict and edify His churches! Thank you in advance! 

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