Lagos, Nigeria Church Report

As we end this difficult year, the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria is reported to have entered the 4th wave with the omicron variant prevailing. Testing remains low with just about 3 million people tested in a population of 206.1 million people. Our church has continued to observe the recommended safety protocols (as best as we can), and we thank the Lord that there has been no deaths or major hospitalisation among our members. 

God has been merciful to our church as our morning services continue to be held every Lord’s Day. We have 120 adults, and about 50 children in attendance almost every Sunday. All the 4 rooms are filled to capacity but only those in the main sitting room of our present facility are able to have eye contact with the preacher. In the other rooms we have set up TV-screens. Yet, we have some members stand up through the service to give room for visitors.

We had made a move in May to relocate to a more spacious rented facility, the rent we paid was returned, and we had to continue in the present facility. 

Our morning and evening services are streamed live using Facebook and YouTube platforms.

We will need about 65 million Naira to get our own facility. Please join us as we continue to look to the Lord our God, for help, to be able to move to a more spacious facility that we urgently need. A bank account dedicated for this sole purpose has been opened and as at the time of this report, we have 12 million Naira in it. Please pray along with us.


24 members out of whom 10 were baptised were presented to the church members at the December church business meeting. They were voted in, and read the church covenant together with the officers of the church. And each signed the church register.  


The church witnessed the ordination of 5 brothers into the church deacon office. Their names are: Sola Akinware, Peter Ukah, Oghenerukevwe Idenedo, Joel Uzamere and Alaba Ajileye. The brothers were ordained on November 7 during the 19th anniversary of our church. These new deacons have joined the 2 deacons and 3 pastors that we have. Please remember these tokens of God’s blessings to us in your prayers.


Our radio outreach program, The Truth of God’s Word has continued to air at 7:15 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. (WAT) every Sunday morning on Inspiration 92.3 FM. The engagement by the listeners has also been a source of motivation to us and we indeed thank the Lord for the opportunity. We are grateful for the support we continue to receive from Metropolitan Tabernacle for this ministry.


We remain grateful to our friends from Chapel Library, FirstLove Publications and Metropolitan Tabernacle for their continuous supply of literature. We have been giving them out for free as well, and some of the tracts like, “God’s love in a pandemic,” “Gospel that saves” are in their 4th reprints.  


The cluster format has remained as we reckon that it serves a better outreach purpose than the former method. Our children ministry is grateful for the privilege to reach out to more children. Our annual prize-giving and end-of-the-year event in four locations, for the children were held on different dates between the 10th and 12th of December, 2021. 

A total of 398 children in over 16 clusters in four zones in Lagos were presented food and drinks while 103 books donated by Metropolitan Tabernacle were presented to our juniors and teenagers at the events. We received funds for Bibles to children from friends and we have presented over 200 Bibles to children in need of them.


A lot of our young people are still unemployed.  Inflation is high and in the double-digit (especially food inflation). This has continued to plague the country’s economy. Many people are also relocating into Lagos because of the increase in insecurity in the other parts of the country. Quite a number of brethren in our local assembly seek for help to get by. Please remember this in your prayers and plans. We give out help weekly to some that we are able to help but many still require help.

I have been diagnosed with Ischaemic heart disease and impaired diabetes – which has kept me from regular preaching. I am consulting a Cardiologist and taking the medications prescribed. I am recovering and thank God for His mercies over me. 

May the Grace of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our peace be with us, and abound to us in the New Year, Amen.

–Tony Okoroh.

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