Announcing FirstLove Missions Upcoming Trip to NEPAL

On November 29, 2023, FirstLove Ministries will be sending a team of 5 delegates to minister in Chitwan, Nepal at the Reformed Baptist Minister’s Conference. There will be over 300 pastors in attendance. The delegates are Dr. Edward Dalcour, Dr. Paul Nelson, Dr. John Waldrip, Pastor Joe Jacowitz, and Randy Evans. We will be preaching for 3 days. Most of the attendees have very little theological training and practical experience.  The FirstLove pastors each have decades of pastoral experience and will provide a summary of the most important principles and responsibilities of the pastoral ministry. They will seek to equip the 300 attendees further with truth on a variety of pastoral disciplines in order to immediately apply what they learn to the sheep in their churches.  The Reformed movement is fast growing in Nepal and many are hungry for truth, but most of the pastors are young and in need of deeper grounding in many of the doctrines of the faith.  Much prayer is needed.

Five classic reformed books (and theological textbooks) have been translated and printed for distribution to each pastor at the conference. There will also be an inauguration ceremony for Grace Bible University, where 51 students will be admitted to the university for theological and pastoral training. May the Lord of the harvest send forth laborers into his harvest. May God be glorified in this missionary trip. May God send revival to Nepal.

One hundred and fifty boxes of sound theological books (a variety of books on many topics such as systematic theology, commentaries, and many reference works) have been donated to FirstLove Ministries for the purpose of establishing a library for the training of pastors at Grace Bible University. The team members will distribute the nine boxes in their luggage and bring the first installment of books with them on this upcoming mission trip. The cost of shipping is prohibitive for shipping of all 150 boxes through surface of air, so we will have to piecemeal the shipping the books in this way to save on shipping. Please pray that God would provide the funds for the shipping of the rest of the books (approximately 140 boxes remaining).

Please pray for the following prayer requests:

  1. The success of the minister’s conference, that our training and preaching would be greatly used of God to equip these dear pastors, and to establish sound doctrine.
  2. Jesus Christ to be glorified.
  3. The salvation of unsaved pastors who attend the conference.
  4. The funds needed for the shipping of the remainder of the books for the theological library.
  5. Traveling mercies for the FirstLove team members to Nepal and back, as well as the attendees who will be traveling from all regions of Nepal and a few surrounding countries to attend the conference.
  6. Pray for the funding of FirstLove Missions in Nepal as FirstLove Ministries is a faith ministry and does not charge any fees to attendees of any of our conferences (“Freely you have received, freely give” Matt.10:8). Conference registration, teaching, books (5 books or more per pastor), meals, and traveling expenses in needy cases, are free of charge. See FirstLove’s policy at:

Thank you very much for your prayers and support of FirstLove Missions (

Dr. Paul Nelson, President
Grace Bible University 
(A division of FirstLove Ministries)

Pastor Joe Jacowitz, President
FirstLove Ministries

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