2023 FirstLove Bible Conference: Examining the New Birth

Please join us for our first annual Bible Conference March 3-5, 2023 as we examine the new birth together. The conference will cover numerous topics including Doctrine of the New Birth, Why Regeneration Matters, Regeneration, Revival, & Awakening, and breakouts including Church History, Reformation, Pastoral Ministries and Evangelism all related to Regeneration/the New Birth.

We hope that you will be able to make it to our FREE conference at First Baptist Church of Bagdad in Milton, FL, as we examine the New Birth.




First Baptist Church of Bagdad
4529 Forsyth St.
Milton, FL 32583

This year’s conference will address the doctrine of regeneration, commonly referred to as The New Birth.” Biblical Christians for millennia have asked of their families, friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers the all searching question, “are you Born Again?” In our day, though the phrase, “born again Christian” has become common place, and not given a second thought. We fear that this phraseology, or the doctrine of regeneration, has been almost absent mindedly set aside so that it doesn’t have the weight and meaning it once did. Whenever Christ spoke to Nicodemus by night, telling this great teacher in Israel, “you must be born again,” His simple words shocked Nicodemus. That statement was loaded with meaning, and Christ intended to cause Nicodemus to stop, think, and reflect. The teacher did not understand. Perhaps today again. neither do we. How can a man when he is old enter back into his mother’s womb and be born a second time? Nicodemus will neither see the kingdom of heaven, nor will he enter it, until this wondrous miracle has taken place, neither will anyone else.

Join us March 3-5 as various pastors and teachers of FirstLove Ministries press into this great mystery with fresh zeal, that the churches may be strengthened in this foundational teaching of Christianity.


Friday, March 3rd, 2023

5:00 pm – Registration

6:00 pm – Welcome & Announcements

6:30 pm – Session 1 – Why Regeneration Matters
presented by Joe Jacowitz

8:00 pm – Closing Hymn

Saturday, March 4th, 2023

8:00 am – Late Registration

9:00 am – Welcome & Announcements

9:30 am – Session 2 – The Doctrine of the New Birth
presented by: Tom Smith

10:30 am – 10 minute Break

10:40 am – Breakout Sessions
Regeneration & Church History – presented by Jonny White
Regeneration & Reformation – presented by Stephen Ringl
Regeneration & Pastoral Ministries – presented by Stan Murrell
Regeneration & Evangelism Methodology – presented by Dr. Paul Nelson

11:40 am – FirstLove Update

12:40 pm – LUNCH

1:40 pm – Session 3 – Baptismal, Decisional Regeneration (And Other False Teachings)
presented by Dr. Edward Dalcour

2:40 pm – 10 minute Break

2:50 pm – Session 4 – Regeneration, Revival, & Awakening
presented by Austin Huggins

3:50 pm – 10 minute Break

4:00 pm – Panel Discussion

5:00 pm – Closing Hymn

Sunday, March 5th, 2023

9:30 am – Worship Service Begins

10:00 am – Session 5 – Indwelling Power of the Holy Spirit
presented by Joe Jacowitz

11:00 am – Panel Discussion

12:30 pm – FBCB Hosted Lunch


Conference Lodging

Milton KOA (Cabins)
8700 Gulf Pines Dr
Milton, FL 32583
Phone: 850-623-0808

Splash Rv Resort & Waterpark (Cabins)
8500 Welcome Church Rd
Milton, FL 32583
Phone: 850-626-8500

Best Western – Milton Inn 
8936 Highway 87 S
Milton, FL 32583
Phone: 850-623-1511

Holiday Inn 
8510 Keshav Taylor Dr
Milton, FL 32583
Phone: 850-626-9060

Local Restaurants

Boomerang Pizza
5227 Willing St.
Milton, FL 32570

Texas Roadhouse
6645 Caroline St, 6645 US-90
Milton, FL 32570

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