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Philippines Missions Trip – April 2024

For this year’s mission work in the Philippines, the FirstLove team traveled to Baguio City and ministered in the surrounding mountain region from April 19 -28. During this time, the team would hold four conferences at local churches with the theme of Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) – The Bible As Our Foundation. The team would also be engaged in proclaiming God’s truth on live radio, issuing the first year certificates to Grace Bible University students, proclaiming the gospel at a local gathering of municipal workers, and ministering God’s Word at several local churches. Approximately 1000 books in total were distributed to the conference attendees.

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Examining the New Birth – 2023 Conference Report

This year’s conference addressed the doctrine of regeneration, commonly referred to as “The New Birth.” Biblical Christians for millennia have asked of their families, friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers the all searching question, “are you Born Again?” In our day, though the phrase, “born again Christian” has become common place, and not given a second thought. We fear that this phraseology, or the doctrine of regeneration, has been absentmindedly set aside so that it doesn’t have the weight and meaning it once did….

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